Window Tinting

window tinting

Car Stereo Xpress in Las Vegas, NV offers custom work for any audio visual component, accessory, or window tint service. Bring in your classic car, complex requests, or creative ideas and our team can make what you’re looking for a reality. From car systems to amps, we have the skills and resources available to outline a detailed project uniquely designed for your car.

We offer window tinting service for any type of car. Whether you’re looking for a light tint for UV ray and fading protection or a dark tint for privacy, we have several products available. Our tint installation process is fairly quick, and we have several options to choose from. From cleaning your windows to prepare for the tint to advising you on aftercare and maintenance, we will complete a window tinting service that will last. If you want to truly customize your car, talk to our staff for more information and contact us today!